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Zoo Med

Zoo Med Deep Dome Dual Lamp LG

Zoo Med Deep Dome Dual Lamp LG

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The dual lamp, deep dome design of this fixture allows you to combine different types of light and heat lamps in one device for your pet's habitat. Provide heat and light to your pet's habitat with this ZOO MED Combo Deep Dome Dual Lamp Fixture. The dual design allows you to combine different types of lamps for optimal terrarium conditions. Light and heat output is maximized by the deep, polished aluminum domes, which extend beyond the lamp face so the lamp isn't exposed.
  • Dual fixture provides heat and light with multiple lamp combination options
  • Dual ceramic sockets for use with up to 160-watt UVB lamps, daytime heat lamps, nighttime heat lamps and more
  • Polished aluminum domes maximize light and heat output
  • Deep dome design prevents the face of the lamp from being exposed
  • Includes dual on/off switches for ease of use
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Maximum combined wattage is 300 watts.
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