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Naturally Fresh

NF Odor Control Litter 14#

NF Odor Control Litter 14#

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Naturally Fresh listened when cat parents said their #1 priority when choosing a cat litter is odor control. For Cat parents needing maximum odor control, Eco-Shell took our naturally powerful odor-controlling litter and enhanced it with triple-action odor defense enzymes to eliminate fecal, urine, and ammonia odors upon contact. This all-natural formula also features tight clumping, virtually no dust, and low tracking while remaining the go-to walnut shell litter for eco-conscious customers. Recommended for one or more cats.

  • Naturally Fresh neutralizes litter box odors better than clay, pine, corn, and wheat litters. - Absorb 3x Better than the Leading Clay Litter - Tighter Clumping for Easier Scooping - 100% Natural & sustainable resource
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